Reasons I’m OK Dating Someone Much Older

A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about an older man trying to chat me up. I used to think that women who date older men must have “daddy issues.”

But that’s not always true. At least, I don’t have those kinds of issues. This is the first time I’ve dated someone much older than me—16 years older! At first, I kept asking myself why I was even considering going out with someone so much older. Am I going crazy? Am I becoming one of “those girls”? Do I have daddy issues I didn’t know about?

The answer is no. This man is spiritually way ahead of anyone else I’ve met. He has a ton of experience in dating and life. He’s an excellent communicator and doesn’t run away from commitment. Let me explain…

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  1. Communication: When I need to talk, he listens. We sit down and have serious conversations without him avoiding the topic.
  2. Support: He’s always there for me, knowing exactly what I need because he’s been through similar situations.
  3. Maturity: He’s worked through most of his issues. He’s not jealous or controlling and doesn’t mind if I talk to other men or how many shoes I buy.
  4. Acceptance: He loves me as I am, farts and all. He doesn’t freak out if I need some alone time.
  5. Responsibility: He’s both emotionally and practically responsible.
  6. Boundaries: He’s fine with saying “No.”
  7. Generosity: He helps because he wants to, not because he expects something in return.
  8. Wisdom: Thanks to his experiences, he’s gained wisdom that only comes with time.
  9. Independence: He supports my independence while taking care of himself, a perfect balance.
  10. Stability: He knows how to manage a business or keep a job, bringing stability into our lives.
  11. Growth: I’m growing in ways I never thought possible, thanks to his patience and understanding, not criticism.
  12. Experience: He’s got more life and bedroom experience, bringing a whole new level of intimacy to our relationship.
  13. Tenderness: He’s physically affectionate, a great listener, and always there for me.
  14. Playfulness: He’s not afraid to be goofy or sweet, even if it means wearing a funny hat or pink.
  15. Confidence: He’s solid and secure in who he is, which is incredibly attractive.

So, what do you think? Sometimes, stepping outside your comfort zone and dating someone older can challenge your preconceived notions and lead to something great. It’s all about questioning those assumptions and seeing where it takes you.

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